Yoga + Aged Tea Tasting with Humming Puppy

On Saturday May 4th, Mansa Tea partnered with Humming Puppy to offer an aged tea tasting at Humming Puppy's beautiful yoga studio in Flatiron, NYC. Before and after yoga classes, our tea loving yogis had the opportunity to sample different varieties of our aged tea.

Mansa Tea x Humming Puppy tea tasting event

While we usually advocate drinking tea to immerse oneself in the flavors of tea, this event made us realize how the surrounding environment can bring the experience to the next level. The tea, the space, and the feeling of rejuvenation formed an elevated tea drinking experience for our #modernconnoisseurs.  

Humming Puppy founder at NYC studio

About Humming Puppy

Humming Puppy offers a yoga experience evolved from traditional practices in a stunning space that resonates with a perfect hum. More than just the physical practice of yoga, your experience begins the moment you sign up and book your mat online. Enter the studio, leave the outside world behind and immerse yourself in good vibes.

Humming Puppy NYC | Yoga Space

While we don’t prescribe to a specific style of yoga. we base our teachings on the principles of breath-pranayama, movement-asana and awareness-meditation. These principles are the foundation of our classes in which we welcome beginners through to the most experienced yogi. Our classes are ‘warm’ and conducted in a room typically heated to 80 degrees.

Our teachers are always mindfully present for their students with the intention to create a space where you will always feel comfortable. 

Humming Puppy NYC | decor

The Hum in Humming Puppy

When taking a class at Humming Puppy, one of the first things you will notice is that the room quite literally 'hums'... and this is by no means an accident! Our yoga space or ‘shala’, engineered by ARUP (one of the worlds leading acoustic engineers), is injected with a combination of frequencies to enhance and deepen your experience. More specifically we use a combination of 7.83hz and 40hz. Being submersed in these frequencies helps you to naturally produce matching frequencies through a process of entrainment. 7.83hz otherwise known as the Schumann Resonance is actually the frequency of the earth itself and helps to 'ground' you through your practice. 40hz is specifically associated with ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity, integral for achieving states of peak performance. Elite athletes, top-notch musicians and high achievers in all fields, typically produce far more gamma waves than average.  

And whilst all of that sounds quite serious and complicated, on a much simpler level the hum just feels good! 

Humming Puppy NYC | Restroom area

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