Yixing Teapot

Season your teapot for years to come 

Used in Chinese pottery since the Song dynasty (960-1279), Yixing clay, also called zisha or "purple clay," is excavated deep underground, rigorously processed, and skillfully crafted into teaware by the Masters. Typically red or brown, Yixing clay teaware is left unglazed to absorb traces of the brewed tea, attributing to the depth of flavor in brewed tea over time. If you enjoy a particular type of tea and use the same teapot for multiple tea sessions, the teapot will slowly soak up different tea flavors. Eventually, your tea brewed from the teapot will gain more complexity. 

Our Yixing Teapot has high heat retention capabilities and is partially handmade with high craftsmanship to balance design and function by a husband and wife team of ceramists Tan Jun and Wang Ting. Ideal for teas best brewed near boiling temperature, like black tea, pu-erh tea, oolong tea, and other aged teas, this Yixing teapot will bring out the best from these teas. 

A Yixing clay teapot (or zisha teapot) is a living antique. As you brew hot tea over and over in the same teapot, expect it to develop a patina over time, transforming it into a unique antique to be passed down for generations.

As part of your purchase, you will also receive a short step-by-step email guide that explains how to season your newly purchased Yixing teapot. 

Available in classic red and dark chocolate colors

✓ Authentic Yixing clay
✓ Partially handmade
✓ High heat retention
✓ Enhanced tea flavor
✓ Living antique 

Perfect for

  • Maximizing the taste of black tea, pu-erh tea, oolong tea, and other aged teas
  • Dedicating a teapot to a single type of tea
  • Investing and developing an antique teapot over years of tea sessions.
  • Gifting to a tea lover

Material  Yixing clay
Capacity  4.7 fl oz / 140mL (classic red); 5 fl oz / 150mL (dark chocolate)
Dimensions  3" D / 4.25"W x 2" H 
Origin  Yixing, Jiangsu Province

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