How is our tea different?

No blends or flavored tea. Just single-origin aged tea.

Hand-picked from the wild tea mountains. Handcrafted by artisans. 

Re-steep each serving 5-7 times over a day. At home or office.

If you prefer depth and complexity over strong fragrance in your tea, you are at the right place.

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Our Story

Since my youth, I have grown up around single-origin pu'er tea. My father, a pu'er enthusiast who has been sourcing tea for the last 15 years, would bring a tea cake of Laobanzhang pu'er home and would share it around the family table. But outside of home, I realized that tea is more commercialized with blends, tisanes, and bubble tea as the norm. 

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Tea Education

Health benefits of pu'er

Exposed to humidity and oxygen and undergone controlled microbial fermentation, pu'er can help you in ways you hadn't imagined

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Our holiday pop-up in NYC

Our holiday pop-up schedule is finally released! Come join the tea brewing demo and tea tasting, and #elevatetea with us! You can find us in NYC

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