Gongfu Teaware

Everyday Porcelain Gaiwan


If you were to buy one teaware to upgrade your tea experience, we strongly suggest you get a gaiwan. After experimenting with countless gaiwans, we chose this gaiwan as your first gaiwan because it is durable enough to not break from accidental drops and thick enough to not burn your hands.

Material  Porcelain
Capacity  4.4oz / 130mL
Dimensions  3.75" W x 3.25" H
Origin  Jingdezhen, China

Before Use  Wash with warm salt water.

After Use  Hand wash with mild soap. Do not use harsh chemicals. To remove stains, use baking soda and warm water. Let air dry. 

US  $3 or free over $50 purchase

Canada  $10 or free shipping over $150 purchase

Worldwide  $20 or free shipping over $150 purchase

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