The Art of Tea Pairing at Baccarat Hotel


Baccarat Hotel Tea Pairing Workshop

Mansa Tea is partnering with the Baccarat Hotel to host The Art of Tea Pairing workshops! Each workshop will feature a variety of Mansa’s handcrafted aged teas alongside another element to pair the teas with. 

Mansa Tea workshop at Baccarat Hotel

July 20 - Introduction to Pu’er

In this workshop, you will get to taste and compare different types of aged pu’er teas. This includes both young raw pu’er, aged raw pu’er, and ripe pu’er. This workshop will introduce you to the world of aged tea and leave you with a foundational level understanding of the different types of pu’er teas. As an added bonus, we will be serving red bean buns, miso cookies, and other savory and sweet treats for you to experiment with tea pairing. 

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Chocolate by Gabriel Kreuther

July 27 + August 17 - Aged Tea + Chocolate Pairing

While you may not have thought of tea and chocolate as likely companions, their flavor and texture profiles complement each other perfectly. In this workshop, you will taste three of our teas alongside three different chocolates from Michelin Chef Gabriel Kreuther that compliment each tea best. Through the methods we use to pair our teas, you will learn how to pair teas yourself. 

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August 10 + December 15 - Aged Tea + Cheese Pairing

We are bringing our beloved aged tea + cheese pairing event back! In this workshop, we have picked three different kinds of cheese to pair with three of our aged teas. You’ll leave wondering why wine has been the only beverage traditionally paired with cheese.

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Mansa Tea Honey Pairing Set Up

September 21 + October 12 - Aged Tea + Honey Pairing

Inspired by one of our frequently asked questions, "Can I add honey to single-origin tea," we are offering aged tea and honey pairing workshops. Unlike many jars of honey you find at grocery stores, single-flower honey has a wide range of flavor because different flowers produce different honey. Therefore, depending on the type of honey you decide to add to your tea, the resulting combination can ruin or enhance the flavors of tea. Join us on a Saturday afternoon to learn about how to choose the right honey to pair with your tea and bring home four sample jars of honey!

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