Virtual Tea Class by Mansa TeaVirtual Tea Tasting at the Baccarat Hotel

Tea Tasting

Virtual Tea Workshops

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Mansa Tea Honey Pairing Workshop Set UpAged Tea and Honey Pairing Set

Limited Edition

Aged Tea + Honey Pairing Set

Yiwu 2018 Raw Pu Erh PackagingYiwu 2018 Raw Pu Erh

Light + Nutty

[Yiwu 2018] Wild Lao Raw Pu'er

From $21
Fuding 2015 White Peony PackagingFuding 2015 Brewing Fuding White Peony

Sweet + Floral

[Fuding 2015] White Peony

From $21
Mansa Tea | Pearl White | Fuding Silver Needle | high quality aged white tea from Fujian province - image of aged white tea on a plate[Fuding 2014] Silver Needle

Sweet + Smoky

[Fuding 2014] Silver Needle

From $58
Details of crackle glaze on handmade gaiwanHandmade gaiwan with crackle glaze side view
Sold out

Gongfu Teaware

Handmade Crackle Gaiwan

From $148
Gift Card

Mansa Tea

Gift Card

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