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Mansa Tea Society is currently taking a short break! Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our monthly tasting sessions



From years of teaching tea hobbyists to industry professionals, I learned that there's a large gap between how tea sommeliers taste the tea and what most tea drinkers taste.

So last June, we launched the Mansa Tea Society to help aspiring tea connoisseurs understand terroirs and vintages and train their palate. 

We'd share single-origin tea of the month along with a tea education-focused digital issue that explains the tea in-depth and do a virtual tea tasting to analyze the tea together.

Now, we are looking for new members who are aspiring tea connoisseurs to join us on this tea journey! 

By joining the Mansa Tea Society, you will receive the following each month:

  • 1oz of single-origin tea of the month (aged or seasonal)
  • A digital magazine that explains the tea in-depth
  • A virtual guided tea tasting (LIVE + recorded)
  • A private community of like-minded tea lovers
  • Challenge of the Month with a chance to win a prize
  • Free US shipping

On the first of next month, you will receive access to our new membership platform.

Q: Is the Mansa Tea Society for me?

One of our members who joined sent us this email just after signing up.

If you are like Amanda, who's excited about learning more about tea and taking your tea experience to the next level, you will also find tea lovers with the same passion as you in this membership.

Q: What if the program is too easy or too advanced for me?

Once you enroll, you will be invited to take our Path to Connoisseurship quiz to help us understand where you are on your tea journey. We personalize tea education information based on your quiz results. No matter where you are in your tea journey, you will be able to get your questions answered to help you learn at your own pace. 

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the membership experience?

Our goal is to provide you with tea experiences that you LOVE. Each month, we improve our program based on our members' feedback. Since we first launched the program, we've added so many features, such as small group tastings.

Lastly, you are free to cancel your membership at any time. Simply email us!

Q: What if I don't have enough time to enjoy the full membership experience?

Most of our members do not utilize every aspect of our membership. We offer our tea education information in different formats, such as live tasting to digital magazines, to cater to different learning styles and preferences.

Most of our members prioritize joining our monthly live tea tasting sessions and reading digital magazines on busy months. We also offer recordings of the tasting sessions for members who could not make the session or who wish to rewatch.

Q: Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, and we welcome international members! For more information on international shipping for non-US members, please see below titled "For International Members".

Shipping Timeline

For our non-US members to receive their tea packages at the same time as the US members, we ship out international packages on the 15th of each month (vs. 25th for the US members). 

This early shipping will start with your second month of the membership.

Shipping Cost

International shipping costs $10-13 depending on the destination.

Shipping Destinations

We ship to countries all over the world! If you have any issues at checkout, please let us know!

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