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From years of teaching tea hobbyists to industry professionals, I learned that there's a large gap between how tea sommeliers taste the tea and what most tea drinkers taste.

Yet, I can't communicate the balance of honey, fruit, and vanilla notes of our tea of July, [Bulang 2015] Raw Pu'er, without having you taste it.

But with Mansa Tea Society, not only do you receive quality tea every month, but you also join our monthly tea tasting sessions together. 

You'd be brewing and drinking the same tea at the same time along with like-minded tea lovers

Did I mention that you also receive a digital tea digest that deep-dives into the tea of the month?

By joining Mansa Tea Society, you will receive the following each month:

  • 1oz of single-origin tea of the month (aged or seasonal)
  • A digital issue that deep-dives into the topic and tea of the month
  • Virtual guided tea tasting
  • Live Q&A
  • A community of like-minded tea lovers
  • Free US shipping

We are looking for new members who are aspiring tea connoisseurs to join us on this tea journey! 

Join now as a Founding Member to grandfather into our special pricing of $40/month. Limited spots available. 

Q: Is the Founding Membership for me?

One of our Founding Members who recently joined sent me this email just after signing up.

If you are like Amanda, who's excited about learning more about tea and taking your tea experience to the next level, you will also find tea lovers with the same passion as you in this membership.

Q: What if the program is too easy or too advanced for me?

Once you enroll, you will receive a questionnaire to help us understand where you are on your tea journey so that we can personalize the tea education information for you. No matter where you are in your tea journey, you will be able to get your questions answered to help you learn at your own pace. 

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the membership experience?

Our goal is to provide you with tea experiences that you LOVE. And as a Founding Member, you have a chance to tell us what you'd like from the experience and get the experience you WANT (i.e. type of tea, content, even interview guests!)

Lastly, you are free to cancel your membership at anytime. Simply email us!

Shipping Timeline

For our non-US members to receive their tea packages at the same time as the US members, we plan on shipping them out on the 15th of each month (vs. 25th for the US members). 

This early shipping will start with your second month of the membership if you decide to opt-in.

Shipping Cost

International shipping costs $10-12 depending on the country.

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