[Mother's Day Special] Gaiwan Teaware Set

$92 $102

Mother's Day special - limited 30 sets! Gift our new Gaiwan teaware set for Mother’s Day  

Our Gaiwan teaware set is designed for you to properly enjoy our aged teas during intimate tea sessions. Mansa’s brewing technique adapts the traditional gongfu style for our modern connoisseurs. We find that the best way to truly understand the intricate flavors of single-origin tea is by observing the change in flavor over multiple infusions without over-steeping the tea. For your best tea experience, this teaware set is composed of the following items:

  • White Gaiwan
  • White Serving Pitcher
  • White Tea Strainer
  • Teacups (2 or 4)
  • Bamboo Tea Tray (additional)

Gift a tea experience to modern connoisseurs. 

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