Limited Edition

Jeju Tea Tasting Set


Discover the Unique Taste of Jeju Island without Traveling and Planning!

Did you know that Jeju Island is known as the ‘Hawaii of Korea?’

Traveling during COVID is tough. In addition to the usual travel time and expenses, we now have to get multiple COVID tests and documents ready for travel.

So instead, Team Mansa is bringing Jeju Island tea to you. We took 3 COVID tests within 9 days for this trip. 

During our 3 day trip to Jeju island, we visited 6 tea gardens and tasted countless teas to pick the best teas for our [Limited Edition] Jeju Tea Tasting Set.

Our goal for this tasting set is to:

  • Showcase the range of Jeju island teas that will positively surprise you with their uniqueness (i.e., not the usual Korean green teas)
  • Celebrate the craftsmanship of artisan tea makers by prioritizing small tea gardens over large commercial tea plantations and handmade teas over factory-made teas.
  • Support sustainable farming practices by sourcing all 100% organic tea.
This set is for all tea lovers and connoisseurs who wish to explore the world through tea and learn about the Jeju terroir and tea culture.  

So, what’s included in the Limited Edition Jeju Tea Tasting Set?

  • 100% organic teas sourced directly from Jeju Island shipped to your home (shipping included)
    • [Jeju 2021] Handcrafted White tea (0.5oz)
    • [Jeju 2021] Yellow tea (1oz)
    • [Jeju 2021] Handpicked Woojeon (0.5oz)
    • [Jeju 2021] Sejak (1oz)
    • [Jeju 2021] Joongjak (1oz)
    • [Jeju 2021] Hojicha (1oz)
    • [Jeju 2021] First Flush Black Tea (1oz)
    • [Jeju 2019] Dark Tea (1oz)

  • A digital magazine with explanation of tasting notes and tea making process of each of the teas

  • One-hour virtual tea tasting of Jeju Island teas (Recorded)

Limited Quantities Only

We made only 35 of these kits, including the pre-ordered quantities.

When they are gone, they are gone. So make sure you order yours now!

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