Light + Nutty

[Yiwu 2018] Wild Lao Raw Pu'er


This raw pu'er is well-balanced and smooth with a lingering floral scent and a light roasted nut flavor. Hailing from the historical Yiwu mountain range in Yunnan, this pu'er serves as both an inviting introduction to young raw pu'er for developing pu'er enthusiasts and a staple of more experienced connoisseurs' tea collection. 

If you like cheese, try pairing this tea with Etorki, a semi-hard sheep's milk cheese from the Basque Region. The savory and nuttiness in both the tea and cheese will become more pronounced. 

Tasting Notes:  Japanese iris, Brazilian nut, fig marmalade

Terroir  Yiwu Mountain, Laos
Elevation  6,500 ft
Age of Tea Tree  100-200 years (gushu)

Vintage  Spring 2018
Aging Potential  40-60 years 


●  o  o  o
●  ●  o  o
●  o  o  o
●  o  o  o

Serving size  Each serving can be steeped 5-7 times over a day

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