Gongfu Teaware

Handmade Crackle Teacup


According to the book The Way of Tea, "The quality of teaware has a huge influence on tea. Touching one's full teacup is a treasure even before sipping from it and will heighten the taste and experience of the tea." Tea connoisseurs love the taste of brewed aged tea from porcelain cups as it retains heat, concentrates the aroma, and “just feels right.”

Our Handmade Crackle Teacup is that elegant teacup with a smooth texture that feels comforting as you embrace the cup with your hands and savor every sip. Designed by a celebrated ceramic artist Xu Xiaiofeng, this exceptional handmade teacup has beautiful crackles that create its distinctive aged look unique to each piece. It’s a modern antique that changes in color over time and enlivens your tea tray. The perfect teacup that elevates the quality of your tea experience and further expands your appreciation of tea.

For a complete experience, pair this teacup with our Handmade Crackle Gaiwan.

Material  Porcelain
Capacity  3.4oz / 100mL
Dimensions  3.25" W x 2" H
Origin  Dehua, Fujian

After Use  Clean with hot water to clean as crackle glaze is more delicate than regular ceramic glazes. To remove stain, use baking soda and water.

Only use the teaware to serve tea. 

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