Gongfu Teaware

Handmade Crackle Gaiwan


This elegant handmade gaiwan will elevate your tea time with guests. Designed by a famous ceramic artist Xu Xiaofeng, this one-of-a-kind gaiwan has beautiful crackles that create its distinctive aged look. Watch this modern antique changes in color over time as you brew more tea. 

Due to their natural formation, all crackles are unique to each piece.

Material  Porcelain
Capacity  5.4oz / 160mL
Dimensions  4" W x 3.5" H
Origin  Dehua, Fujian

About Ceramic Artist Xu Xiaofeng 

With nearly 20 years of experience in ceramic design and creation, Xu Xiaofeng is critically acclaimed in the ceramic art community. Originally from Dehua, a county famous for its Blanc de Chine in central Fujian province, Xu grew up deeply influenced by the ceramics culture. He began his career as an apprentice at a porcelain factory in Dehua and trained in ceramics production. As he became interested in the development and creation of enamel works later in his career, he went to Henan, the origin of the kiln, to better understand the enamel culture, and went to Taiwan to work with contemporary artists on enamel production. Today, he is known for his unique high-quality enamel works.

After Use  Clean with hot water to clean as crackle glaze is more delicate than regular ceramic glazes. To remove stain, use baking soda and water.

Only use the teaware to serve tea. 

US  $3 or free over $50 purchase

Canada  $10 or free shipping over $150 purchase

Worldwide  $20 or free shipping over $150 purchase