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[Fuding 2015] White Peony


Do you have a sweet tooth? If you frequently fall for a guilty pleasure, this aged white peony will bring you the rich honey and floral notes that help curve your sweet cravings without the calories.

Prepared by individually picking two leaves and a bud and sun-drying on bamboo trays, this tea has naturally developed its rich honey notes. A camouflage of silvery buds and darker leaves, the white tea cake unfurls to radiate an intense chocolate aroma with a lasting sweet finish. This tea serves as a delightful introduction to high-end white tea.

If you are looking for pairing ideas, we recommend Mimolette, a fruity and sweet cow's milk cheese from Normandy, and chocolate-covered almonds.

Tasting Notes:  White chocolate, clover honey, mugwort

Terroir  Fuding City, Fujian 
Elevation  2,500 ft
Varietal  Fuding Da Bai
Vintage  Spring 2015
Aging Potential  20-30 years


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Aged White Tea

Tasting Set  To find your favorite collection, we recommend trying Taste of First Step

Brewing Guide  We recommend using Gaiwan teaware to enjoy the subtle changes in flavor over multiple infusions. To learn more about our brewing technique, visit Our Brewing.

Mansa Tea's Brewing Guide for [Fuding 2015] White Peony

Serving Size  Each serving (3g) can be steeped 4-6 times over a day

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