Yiwu 2018

Wild Lao Raw Pu'er


This raw pu'er is well-balanced and smooth with a lingering floral scent and a light roasted nut flavor. Hailing from the historical Yiwu mountain range in Yunnan, this Lao pu'er serves as both an inviting introduction to young raw pu'er for developing pu'er enthusiasts and a staple of more experienced connoisseurs' tea collection. 
Tasting Notes:  Japanese iris, Brazilian nut, fig marmalade

Terroir  Yiwu Mountain, Laos
Elevation  6,500 ft
Age of Tea Tree  100-200 years (gushu)

Vintage  Spring 2018
Aging Potential  40-60 years 


●  o  o  o
●  ●  o  o
●  o  o  o
●  o  o  o

Serving size  Each serving can be steeped 5-7 times over a day

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