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Everyday Porcelain Gaiwan


For aspiring tea connoisseurs looking to practice brewing and evaluate flavors of high-quality tea, we recommend our Everyday Porcelain Gaiwan. This practical gaiwan is durable and comfortable for your countless brewing sessions. 

For most tea connoisseurs, brewing with a gaiwan changed their tea experience tremendously. Closely examine the leaves and notice the nuanced flavors of high-end tea with our Everyday Porcelain Gaiwan.

Material  Porcelain
Dimensions  3.75" D (bowl) / 4" D (saucer) x 3.35" H
Volume  150mL (when filled to the lid) / 190mL (when filled to the brim)
Origin  Dehua, Fujian

* Porcelain gaiwans may have one or more of the following: small bubbles from glaze firing, a slight tilt of the lid when set over the bowl.

Before Use  Wash with warm salt water.

After Use  Hand wash with mild soap. Do not use harsh chemicals. To remove stains, use baking soda and warm water. Let air dry. 

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