Curated Set

Pick 2 Gift Set


Due to the popular demand, we decided to continue our pick 2 special. Create your own gift set by picking two of our best sellers. Choose from the following popular combinations.

Light tea seekers: [Yiwu 2018] Wild Lao Raw Pu'er[Fuding 2015] White Peony

White tea lovers: [Fuding 2015] White Peony + [Fuding 2014] Silver Needle

Dark tea enthusiasts: [Menghai 2009] Old Tree Ripe Pu'er + [Anhua 2013] Golden Flower Brick

Introduction to pu'er: [Yiwu 2018] Wild Lao Raw Pu'er + [Menghai 2009] Old Tree Ripe Pu'er

Pu'er enthusiasts: [Hekai 2014] Ancient Tree Raw Pu'er + [Menghai 2009] Old Tree Ripe Pu'er

Pu'er connoisseurs: [Hekai 2014] Ancient Tree Raw Pu'er + [Pasha 2017] Ancient Tree Ripe Pu'er

Each gift set contains 2oz of each tea for a total of 4 oz. 

Do not see a combination that you are looking for? Email us at

Brewing Guide  We recommend using Gaiwan teaware to enjoy the subtle changes in flavor over multiple infusions. To learn more about our brewing technique, visit Our Brewing. Tea specific instructions are included in the tasting set. 

Serving Size  Each serving (3g) can be steeped 5-7 times over a day (10+ time for some teas)

US  $3 or free over $50 purchase

Canada  $10 or free shipping over $150 purchase

Worldwide  $20 or free shipping over $150 purchase