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[Fuding 2015] White Peony


Fuding White Peony serves as a delightful introduction to high-end white tea. This tea is prepared by individually picking two leaves and a bud and sun-drying on bamboo trays. The sweet and rich taste of this white tea is perfect complement to your summer picnic.

If you like cheese, we recommend pairing with Mimolette, a cow's milk cheese from Normandy. Slightly fruity and sweet, this cheese will complement the sweetness in Fuding White Peony.

Tasting Notes:  White chocolate, clover honey, mugwort

Terroir  Fuding City, Fujian
Elevation  2,500 ft
Varietal  Fuding Da Bai
Vintage  Spring 2015
Aging Potential  20-30 years


●  o  o  o
●  ●  ●  o
●  ●  ●  o
●  ●  ●  o

Serving size  Each serving can be steeped 5-7 times over a day

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