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[Phoenix 2019] Dancong Oolong


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We sourced two Phoenix Mountain Dancong Oolongs this spring in very small quantities. 2oz each.

[Phoenix 2019] Duck Shit Oolong

The name of this oolong originated from a farmer trying to protect this tea from being cloned by other farmers. As unappetizing as the name might sound, this oolong is worth protecting. Its aroma is of gardenia flowers, and its body is creamy and full without overbearing. This floral oolong is more showy compared to the Song Zhong described below. 
Tasting Notes:  Gardenia, goat milk, vanilla

[Phoenix 2019] Song Zhong Oolong

Tracing its origins back to the Song Dynasty, Song Zhong oolongs are the highest quality Phoenix Mountain oolong available. Bright fruit notes of lychee and stone fruits balanced with smooth body sustain throughout multiple infusions. The exceptionally long-lasting finish makes this tea session more enjoyable on a leisurely afternoon. An elegant counterpart to the Duck Shit oolong described above. 
Tasting Notes:  Lychee, cantaloupe, butter

Terroir  Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong
Elevation  4,000 ft
Vintage  Spring 2019


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Serving size  Each serving (3g) can be steeped 7-9 times over a day

Ingredients  Naturally Organic Phoenix Mountain Oolong Tea

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Worldwide  $20 or free shipping over $150 purchase

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