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[Boseong 2019] Korean Black Tea


Did you know that less than 5% of the teas produced in Korea is black tea?

Fortunately for you, we are bringing you this rare black tea from Boseong, South Korea, made from hand-picked young tea leaves sourced directly from Mr. Kim’s garden. 

  • This tea sommelier-approved tea stood out against 19 other high-quality black tea for its incredible flavors and is the #1 Most Re-Purchased Black Tea by Mansa Tea Society members. 
  • With its complex and aromatic deep chocolate and fruit notes with a long-lasting finish, this tea will become your favorite go-to black tea and convert even non-tea lovers into true tea fans. We highly recommend sharing it with your friends and family. 
  • This black tea will bring an extra spark to your tea time along with grounding energy and calmness to power through your day without the caffeine crash. 
  • You can brew it multiple times! It may cost more per gram, but it will cost less per cup.

If you’ve been looking for a new black tea to replace your usual go-to, don’t waste time researching and spend more time enjoying it.

Tasting Notes: chocolate, dried fig, oak

Terroir  Boseong, South Korea
Elevation  820 ft
Cultivar Japanese Yabukita variant
Vintage  Spring 2019 


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Naturally Organic Korean Black Tea

Available in 1oz and 2oz pouches

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