Aged Tea Sampler

Taste of First Step


Taste of First Step is a tea tasting experience designed to introduce pu'er (or pu-erh) and other aged teas and help you find your favorite collection. We recommend hosting a tea party or a tea pairing dinner with this set. This assortment serves a total of 60 cups of tea from Mansa's five collections:

Brewing Guide  We recommend using Gaiwan teaware to enjoy the subtle changes in flavor over multiple infusions. To learn more about our brewing technique, visit Our Brewing. Tea specific instructions are included in the tasting set. 

Serving Size  Each serving (3g) can be steeped 5-7 times over a day (10+ time for some teas)

US  $3 or free shipping over $50 purchase

Canada  $10 or free shipping over $150 purchase

Worldwide  $20 or free shipping over $150 purchase

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